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3-step cascade protection




Unique proposal for lighting electrical panel (POP + SPD)

Mersen is the only player to offer in one device a combination of a surge protective device (a robust 40kA type SPD) with a power frequency overvoltage protector (POP)





More information on POP + SPD

STM Slim compact DIN-rail protection for fusebox in lighting pole

STM Slim is a type 2+3 device to be installed when a type 2 is upstream. It provides a very fine voltage protection level.

This very compact device is suitable to be mounted in the LED luminaire pole nearby the fuses.




See our resources for STM Slim

LED luminaire protection - STL - STLB

STL and STLB series provide the protection of the power line feeding the LED driver inside the luminaire.

These devices are installed at the top of the lighting pole nearby the luminaire. Multiple electrical configurations enable to meet different requirements: type of grid, type of luminaire and protection modes.




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View our video on LED Outdoor Lighting Protection

A short video introducing our 3-step cascade protection proposal





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