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    Each week we select for you thereafter three products amongst our offering of solutions for increased safety and reliability of electrical power


Offering to Panel Builders

    Recognized as an expert in electrical power for industry, Mersen is leading with a complete offering of electrical power components.

    They provide safety and reliability to electrical panel builders. Mersen fusegear, switches, power distribution blocks, surge protective devices are world-class products complying with all the standards required.

    Mersen takes very much care to help lessening the footprint of electrical equipment and installations. Choice our innovative products with reduced dimensions when installation space is at premium.

    All these Mersen components are designed to be mountable on DIN rails or fixed on power distribution bus bars.



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Surge Protection for PCB

    SB PCB is the series of socket bases that allow for integration of Mersen's pluggable IEC surge protection cartridges directly on printed circuit boards.

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Integrated Architecture

    Mersen's integrated architecture approach helps inverter designs save time by optimizing the selection of key components, benefiting from a solution that is pre-designed for their specific application. Busbar, fuses, cooling, gate-drivers, capacitors, connectors can now be optimally deigned together, in one step to meet electrical, mechanical and thermal challenges of the system.

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Disconnect Switches

    Mersen offers a range of switch disconnectors for your industrial requirements ranging from main entrance to motor isolation, including a global line of premium compact IEC fusible and non-fusible disconnect switches ranging from 16A to 4000A. We also offer a full range of compact UL 508 and UL 98 disconnect switches. In addition, you can find handle, shaft and accessory options that you require for all of your applications.

    Mersen low voltage disconnect switches offer the safest way to switch power on and off in your industrial control panels.


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