Mersen extends HelioProtection® Program

HelioProtection® Program Brochure





Mersen releases the issue number 8 of the HelioProtection® Program brochure. Key player in solar PV applications, Mersen offers solutions for the safety and reliability of PV power installations.

HelioProtection® Program by Mersen is a mix of dedication, innovation and expertise. The brand-new extension of this program encompasses:


- a new and complete mapping of gPV fuses complying with IEC 60269-6 and UL2579 stadards for string and array protection from 600VDc up to 1500VDC in global accepted sizes.

Mersen is world number 1 as independent player in industrial fuses

- a new offering for DC combiner boxes with or without string monitoring from 3 up to 28 DC inputs.

Mersen is an innovative player in designing and implementing solutions to improve the power efficiency of solar power applications.

- a new offering for residential DC and AC combiner boxes

Download our new HelioProtection® Program Brochure

Beyond this Mersen is involved in power electronics market with the bundle offer of passive solutions around the semiconductor: fast-acting fuses, cooling devices, laminated bus bars. Solar inverters can benefit from the Mersen bundle offer for higher performance, improved power efficiency and smaller footprint.

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