Mersen extends its offering of gPV-class fuse-links

HP10NH1 range: a new element in HelioProtection® Program by Mersen

Mersen HP10NH1 photovoltaic (PV) fuse series are main fuses engineered and designed specifically for the protection of solar photovoltaic systems.  HelioProtection® HP10NH1 fuse-links are designed for the protection against short-circuits of cables in a photovoltaic group of strings.


The lowest power losses in the marketplace


“Our new HP10NH1 fuse-links have a very low power dissipation. In fact we introduce the lowest power losses in the marketplace. Somewhere it’s the result of our 50-year expertise in specialty fuses design. If we stay on the thermal aspect our brand-new gPV fuse-links have a good withstand to ageing and thermal effect leading to an increased efficiency of the solar photovoltaic installation” states Emmanuelle Delcambre, Product Manager.


Global acceptance for this standard size


Emmanuelle Delcambre continues: “HP10NH1 are worldwide accepted. gPV class is a requirement of both standards IEC 60269-6 and UL 2579. Furthermore NH is a standard category of fuse-links. Our fuse-links are identical to gG-class NH fuse-links in terms of dimensions. As an Immediate advantage our HP10NH1 can be installed in two standard-length and 1000VDC-qualified fuse-holders: one is an open fuse-base (HPBB11PPR) and one is a base protected against electrical shock (HPBB11PPRFS).
In the extension of our gPV fuse mapping new steps are coming soon.”

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