Mersen launches a complete range of HelioProtection® NH gPV fuses

gPV HelioProtection® NH Fuses






Mersen has designed a complete range of NH fuses complying with IEC 60269-6 and UL2579 standards. These HelioProtection® fuses are array fuse type for the protection of cables in a solar PV group of chainsagainst short-circuit currents.

As the world number 1 independent player in industrial fuses, Mersen is innovative in providing protection and safety solutions for PV applicatgions under HelioProtection® brand name. Only a leading fuse designer and manufacturer has the ability to offer sustainable construction, increased power efficinecy via low power losses and capabilities to interrupt low fault currents and to withstand demanding temperature cycles.


This range of HelioProtection® NH fuses lies from HP10NH (sizes 1 and 2) for 1000VDC, HP12NH (sizes 1XL, 2XL, 3L )for 1250VDC up to HP15NH (size 3L) for 1500VDC solar inverter input voltage.


With these brand-new NH gPV fuses the mapping of Mersen gPV fuses is now completed. They come in addition to HP6M, HPM, DC10HEL and HP15M cylindrical gPV fuses.

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