Mersen launches Limitor®-PTS: new HV fuse-links range

Prevention of overheating, easier installation and maintenance



The new Limitor®-PTS range of high voltage fuse-links per DIN standard are dedicated to switch-fuse combination application. They are designed to protect up to 3 MVA-power transformer in conjunction with air- and gas-insulated switchgear (switch-fuse combination).


Innovative and patented thermal striker for temperature control in fuse compartment


Franck Ageron, Product Manager for High Voltage Fuses, states: “Mersen has designed and patented a brand-new thermal striker for this range. In the switch-fuse combination application, the fuse-link has to prevent overheating in the fuse compartment. To solve this it has to trigger the high-voltage switch in order to open the three phases in case of overload and abnormal temperature rise. This triggering is achieved by mechanical or electronic mean. Furthermore our new range stands is characterized by lessened power losses. The lowering of power losses can reach up to 44% depending on the current rating.”


New caps for easier installation and maintenance


New caps have been designed for this range. “The new shape eases the installation and maintenance of the Limitor®-PTS fuse-links in their base in the compartment of the HV fuse cell. It is in line with our commitment to increasing safety and reliability in low and high voltage electrical systems” reports Franck Ageron.

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