Mersen On-Board Switches in Innotrans 2014

Innotrans 2014 Hall 11.1 Booth n°201 – Berlin 23-26 September 2014

Montreal Metro

Beijing Metro

Mersen is a key player in protecting, interconnecting and optimizing electrical power in rail transportation means.

In Power Transfer for Rail Vehicle application market Mersen Electrical Power offers four solutions addressing each one a major function in the power chain: to collect current with third rail Current Collector Devices for powering the bogie, to protect the main traction power cable with Fuses in Cubicle for minimizing the effects of faults or failures, to select with On-Board Switches for connecting the DC power to the power converter and auxiliary system, to reject with Earth Return Current Units for closing the current loop by returning the current to rail.

On-Board Switches are compliant with existing standards. Customization drives the design by Mersen in terms of short-circuit current capability, endurance, low load make/break capacity. High clearance distance between open contact and self-cleaning contacts are key features of Mersen switches.

For people travelling by train in the world chances are Mersen On-Board Switch is part of the trip! Mersen switches already equip from light rail and subway trains to locomotives designed by key O.E.M.s such as Bombardier, Siemens, Alstom, Rotem, CAF. 

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