Static Current Collector Device by Mersen

Innotrans 2012 – Berlin – 18-21 September 2012 – Booth 250 Hall 11.1

The market of transportation means for the future is driven by a large increase in the need for mobility due mainly by the number of commuters, by the expectation of wireless environment in order to avoid the visual pollution and also by the strong requirements for an improved power efficiency leading to lower emission of CO2.
When it comes to the tram one rendering is the need for catenary-free tramways.


Mersen innovatives with a standstill recharging for catenary-free tramways


Mersen participates to Innotrans 2012 the international trade fair for transport technology held in Berlin on 18-21 September.
Innotrans is the opportunity to introduce the brand-new solution for feeding power to catenary-free tramways at each tram stop.
Some tram designers have developed new tramway with ultracapacitors as power source. Ultracapacitor technology works as a reserve power supply built into the rolling stock.
When the tram stops the ultracapacitors must be recharged very quickly. Mersen has designed a static current collector device enabling the ultracapacitors to be recharged with the tramway at standstill. This solution by Mersen guarantees the safety of people and equipment in the tramway and around it.
Fit into a very tight space under the tram the static current collector device by Mersen recharges the ultracapacitors in an entire 20s-sequence and in a totally safe mode.
To meet this short sequence – tram stops, shoe is lowered into contact within 2s, circuit closes, current flows, circuit opens and shoe is raised -  the electrical contact has been improved with a multi-point shoe.
François Grea, VP Power Transfer for Rail Vehicles, states: “The safety of people and equipment, and around it at stop, is guaranteed by the system itself that grounds itself automatically every time it is used or when a failure occurs. Recharging at standstill is a safe mode.”        

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