Semiconductor Protection Fuses

Round Body High-Speed Fuse-Links AC Protection

Amp-Trap® A60Q 600VAC 600VDC

A60Q Amp-trap Form 101 Semiconductor Protection fuses feature the only 600 volt AC/DC rating in the industry of similar size (1-1/2" x13/32") fuses protecting semiconductors. A60Q also has the lowest I²t of all similar fuses and excellent cycling ability. Applications include inverters and small equipment requiring extremely fast response to faults, without the need to carry sustained heavy overloads.



  • Lowest I2t of any fuse this size for greater protection
  • Excellent cycling ability gives advantage in equipment design
  • 600V AC / DC rated


  • Volts (VAC) 600 VAC
  • Volts (VDC) 600 VDC
  • Ampere Range (A) 5 to 40 A
  • I.R. AC (kA) 200 kA
  • I.R DC (kA) 100 kA
  • Mounting Clip
  • Connection Terminal Type Ferrule
  • Body Style Cylindrical
    Non Rejection
  • Body Material GMG
  • Materials Contact Tin-plated Copper
  • Standards UL Recognized Component

    AC: UL Guide JFHR2 File E60314

    DC: UL File E60314

    RoHS Compliant
  • Application Protection of small inverters and drives, and equipment requiring the highest degree of protection
  • ROHS Compliant Consult Technical Services
  • Lead Free Consult Technical Services
  • CE conformity Consult Technical Services
  • UL File Card E60314 JFHR2.E60314
  • CSA File Card Class: 1422-30 File: 012636_0_000


  • A60Q10-2 - Z212289
  • A60Q12-2 - M212807
  • A60Q15-2 - X213322
  • A60Q20-2 - B214338
  • A60Q25-2 - Z214842
  • A60Q30-2 - E215859
  • A60Q35-2 - J216369
  • A60Q40-2 - N216879
  • A60Q5-2 - E217400
  • A60Q6-2 - M217913
  • A60Q8-2 - T218425


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