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IEC HV Fuse Supports

Fuse Bases for DIN High Voltage Fuse-links

Fuse bases for DIN high voltage fuse-links with diameter 45mm and lengths 192, 292, 367, 442 and 537mm. The indicating device enables electrical actuating of the opening mechanism for a circuit or triggering of an indicator during the melting of a fuse equipped with a trip-indicator. This very robust and original device means freedom for any mechanical system and offers the advantage of being able to incorporate a microswitch unit or units according to the equipment configuration.



  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Salt spray withstand = 72h RR mini.


  • Body Material Base Plate: Galvanized Steel Terminal Lug: Nickel-plated Copper Screws: Galvanized Steel Clip: Nickel-plated Copper Clip Spring: Stainless Steel Insulators: Epoxy Resin Or Porcelain
  • Standards IEC 60273
    IEC 60282-1
    DIN 43624
  • ROHS Compliant Consult Technical Services
  • Lead Free Consult Technical Services
  • CE conformity Consult Technical Services


  • MC1-5NFLEXQS500 - E092855
  • MC1-9NFLEXQS500 - F092856
  • SE120V45.292 - E1062029
  • SE175V45.292 - H1062032
  • SE240V45.442 - J1062033
  • SE360V45.537 - K1062034
  • SE72V45.192 - D1062028
  • SI120V45.292 - Y1062023
  • SI175V45.292 - Z1062024
  • SI175V45.367 - A1062025
  • SI240V45.442 - B1062026
  • SI360V45.537 - C1062027
  • SI72V45.192 - X1062022


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