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Fuse-bases for square body fuse-links with blade contacts, size 300 and 602

Fuse holders for blade-type CV3 fuses Sturdy assembly with very high collision and temperature withstand • Mounting as bases • Fiber-glass polyester or ceramic insulatorsfor basic applications, in corrosive atmospheres or in traction • Very high collision withstand for traction interlocking or replacement part • Complying with IEC 77 standard



  • Size per Standard Fuse-bases SPV
    size 300
    Fuse-bases SPV
    size 602
  • Standards IEC 77
  • ROHS Compliant Consult Technical Services
  • Lead Free Consult Technical Services
  • CE conformity Consult Technical Services


  • SPV300 - W098965
  • SPV600 - T098963


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