IEC Fuse Switch Disconnectors

NH Fuse Switch Disconnector

MULTIBLOC® 00.RST9 Size 00, 160A, 690VAC, Design for bus bar installation, Triple Pole

The production programme of MULTIBLOC® 00.RST9 comprises NH fuse switch disconnectors for 160A. Products are designed in triple pole units for direct installation on to 40 mm and 60mm bus bar systems. For installation of MULTIBLOC® NH fuse switch disconnectors of different sizes in distribution units with central cover, respective covers are used to obtain a uniform profile in height and length. MULTIBLOC® size 00 are designed for NH fuse-links in accordance with IEC/EN 60269-2, VDE 0636-2, size 00: 160A. The system is a modular system, which allows the installation and combination of individual components. MULTIBLOC® offers the user the possibility of fast and easy installation as well as a high degree of security during installation and maintenance.



  • Touch protection IP 30
  • Sealing and padlocking device integrated in switch door cover
  • Voltage test through holes in slidable windows directly at contacts or tags of NH-fuse links
  • Suitable for top/bottom cable terminal connections
  • Cable termination: screw, clamp strap, Al-Cu clamp, frame clamp, extendable for V-terminal - optional
  • For 40 and 60mm bus bar systems, snap on installation on 60mm system without tools
  • Universally useable for bus bars with thickness of 5 and 10mm and widths of 12–30mm
  • Installation covering bus bar carrier (max. height 14,5mm) lateral left or right possible
  • Installation depth 95mm
  • Fuse monitoring - optional
  • Indicating switch for switch door position - optional
  • Safe on load connection/disconnection in accordance with IEC 60947-3


  • Volts (VAC) 690 VAC
  • Volts (VDC) 440 VDC
  • Ampere (A) 160 A
  • Size per Standard 00
  • Mounting bus bar installation
  • SCCR Ue = AC 400 V
    Ie = 160 A 80kA Ue = AC 500 V
    Ie = 160 A 80kA Ue = AC 690 V
    Ie = 125 A 80kA
  • Standards IEC/EN 60 947-3
    For NH fuse-links size 000/00 in accordance with IEC/EN 60269-2, VDE 0636-2
  • Application House incoming units
    Meter distribution units
    Measuring transformer cabinets
    Transmitting stations for telecommunications
  • ROHS Compliant Consult Technical Services
  • Lead Free Consult Technical Services
  • CE conformity Yes


  • 2.074.000 - W1022990
  • 3.083.000 - X1022991
  • 3.083.300 - Y1022992
  • 3.084.000 - Z1022993
  • 3.084.100 - B1022995
  • 3.084.200 - C1022996
  • 3.084.300 - D1022997


  • CAD Drawings

    • Drawing M01170 :   PDF (209 KB) DXF (35 KB)


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