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MULTIFIX® 60 D02 Vertical Fuse Bases E18

MULTIFIX® 60 is a system for energy distribution comprising a variety of modular combinable components. The energy distribution is carried out via copper bus bars in a 60 mm bus bar system up to 630 A, 400 V AC, 500 V AC, 690 V AC, 45–62 Hz. Short circuit withstand tested to VDE 0660 part 500 and IEC 60439-1. MULTIFIX® 60 is suitable for triple pole, quadruple pole and quintuple pole applications. The components of the MULTIFIX® 60 system are mounted directly without drilling. This method offers high flexibility for extension and alteration of existing installations -> reduced installation time. MULTIFIX® 60 D0-fuse bases are the most advanced presently available on the market. Directly in the fuse base integrated labelling area avoids mistakes in labelling during installation or maintenance. The use of high grade steel clamps up to 25 mm2 enables easy cabling and guarantees reduced power dissipation. The bus bar carrier can be assembled over by lateral (left or right side) enlarged covers. An audible snap into place signals the correct installation of the fuse base on to the bus bars. Rear touch protection of bus bars is provided by top and bottom covering device in addition to front touch protection by covers for 27 mm, 36 mm and 54 mm.



  • Direct snap-on installation on to cipper bars, width 12 - 30mm, thickness 5 - 10mm
  • Touch protection to DIN 49 924 - finger proof
  • Labelling area integrated directly in the fuse base to avoid mistakes in labelling during installation and maintenance
  • Use of high grad steel clamps up to 25 mm² with reduced power dissipation
  • Rear touch protection of bus bars by top and bottom covering device
  • Front touch protection cover for 27mm - standard design
  • Front touch protection cover for 36mm and 54mm with extension
  • Cover for bus bar carrier with touch protection cover with lateral (left or right) extended covers
  • For D01- and D02-fuse links and D0-cartridge ring adapter inserts in accordance with IEC/EN 60269-3, VDE 0636-3
  • Free of halogen, phosphor, silicon and CFC
  • Marked for classified recycling


  • Volts (VDC) 250 VDC
  • Ampere Range (A) 2 - 63 A
  • Size per Standard
  • Standards in accordance with IEC/EN 60439-1 and VDE 0660 part 500
  • Application Panel board builders
    Control system engineering
    Industrial plants
    Heating & air conditioning systems
  • ROHS Compliant Consult Technical Services
  • Lead Free Consult Technical Services
  • CE conformity Yes


  • 1.000.758 - G1026634
  • 1.000.759 - H1026635
  • 1.000.762 - A1026444
  • 1.000.763 - B1026445
  • 1.000.764 - C1026446
  • 1.000.765 - D1026447
  • 1.000.767 - E1026448
  • 1.002.607 - W1026624


  • CAD Drawings

    • Drawing M02046a :   PDF (170 KB) DXF (32 KB)



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