IEC Fuse Switch Disconnectors

NH Vertical Fuse Switch Disconnector

MULTIVERT® 160A/185mm Size 00, 690VAC, single pole switching

MULTIVERT® NH vertical fuse switch disconnectors meet all functions of NH fuse switch disconnectors. They are designed for installation on to bus bars in triple pole arrangements. MULTIVERT® 160A 185 mm single pole switching are for installation on to 185 mm bus bar systems. MULTIVERT® 160A are designed for NH fuse-links in accordance with IEC/EN 60269-2, VDE 0636-2, size 00: 160A. The system is a modular system, that allows the installation of individual components. MULTIVERT® offer the user the possibility of fast and easy installation as well as a high degree of protection during installation and maintenance.



  • Installation on to 185mm bus bar system
  • Symmetrical switch - top/bottom cable terminal connection
  • Parking position of switch operating cover even with fuse-links inserted
  • Varieties of cable termination: screw, clamp strap, Al/Cu clamp, frame clamp, V-terminal
  • Electronic fuse monitoring or indicator for switch door position - optional
  • Safe on load connection/disconnection in accordance with IEC 60947-3


  • Volts (VAC) 690 VAC
  • Ampere (A) 160 A
  • Size per Standard 00
  • Mounting Bus Bar System 185mm
  • SCCR Ue = AC 500 V
    Ie = 160 A 80kA
  • Number of Poles 3
  • Standards IEC/EN 60 947-3
    For NH-fuse links size 000/00 in accordance with IEC/EN 60 269-2, VDE 0636-2
  • Application House incoming units
    Meter distribution units
    Switch boards for industrial applications
    Residential and industrial distribution units
    Cable distribution cabinets
    Feeder pillars
  • ROHS Compliant Consult Technical Services
  • Lead Free Consult Technical Services
  • CE conformity Yes


  • 1.000.910 - G1023138
  • 1.000.911 - L1023142
  • 1.001.725 - M1023143
  • M01A0E11G - P1023145
  • M01A0G - Q1023146
  • M01N0E11G - R1023147
  • M01N0G - Y228756
  • M01S0E11G - W1023151
  • M01S0G - X1023152


  • CAD Drawings

    • Drawing M01092b :   PDF (259 KB) DXF (32 KB)


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