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Mersen Electrical Power now has the broadest range of switches in the industry, with a full line of accessories to accommodate virtually any application. This range is global and encompasses both IEC and UL standard products from AC and DC applications.  

Global Line of Premium Compact Low-Voltage Disconnect Switches

You need a range of disconnect switches for your industrial control requirements ranging from “Service Entrance Rated” to motor isolation. You need IEC DIN-rail and direct mountable disconnect switches. You need switches that conform to UL 508 and UL 98. You need a range of handles, shafts and accessories to select from. Mersen has the solution for your low-voltage disconnect switch needs.

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Mersen PV-Rated Switches

Mersen offers a range of DC disconnect switches especially designed for PV applications, in 2 poles and 2x2 poles configurations for doubl circuit applications. The technology inside the switch and the visible contacts allow a quick, safe, and reliable DC breaking power at all current levels up to 1000VDC. With a symmetric 2-pole design, the product is ready and simple to install independently of the polarity, with very limited power losses, and with a smaller footprint than competition.

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Modular Non-fusible Disconnect Switches

The M-series Load Break Switch is the most compact industrial-grade switch on the market. Capable of making or breaking loads up to 690V (IEC), 600V (UL), it is suitable as a motor disconnect. Extremely compact and robust, these switches are modular but also exist in a door-mounting version. A wide assortment of handles, shafts and accessories are available to accommodate any installation requirement.

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